28 June, 2013

Make Your Own.

Plaza Kvinna.

Plaza Kvinna, May 2012.
Model, Dioni Tabbers.
Photographer, Elisabeth Frang.

- deux.


Leather boyfriend pants.

- deux.

Neon Yellow.

Backpack, here.
Jacket, here.
Braces, here.
Wallet, here.
Belt, here.

- deux.

Metal Clasp.

Metal clasp and hollow round toe shoes.
Brown, here.
Black, here.

- deux.

20 June, 2013

1 Bag, 7 Looks.

CR Fashion Book #2, Spring/Summer 2013.
Model, Xiao Wen Ju.
Photographer, Max von Gumppenberg Patrick Bienert.
Stylist, Carine Roitfeld.
Hair, Jordan M.
MakeUp, Frankie Boyd.

- deux.

Pouch Bag.


- deux.

Passport Lisbon Hostel.

Nothing lasts forever.

Nothing lasts forever. 
So live it up, 
drink it down, 
laugh it off, 
avoid the drama, 
take chances and never have regrets,
 because at one point 
everything you did 
was exactly what you wanted.

                                                                        - Marilyn Monroe
- deux.


19 June, 2013

A Rose Down Under.

Plaza Kvinna, May 2012.
Model, Annabella Barber. 
Photographer, Jaclyn Adams.
Stylist, Vass Arvanitis.
Makeup, Julie Provis.
Hair, Joey Scandizzo.

- deux.

Chloé Resort 2014.

sourse fgr.
Chlo√© Resort 2014 collection.

- deux.

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