03 April, 2012


Alone within myself again
I try to veil away my pain
The dirty grey surrounding me 'round
And now I hear no sounds...

I feel like Melly Mel from way back in the days
As I wonder how I keep from going under
I got trouble on my mind like my name is Chuck D
And like Marvin Gaye it makes me wanna holler
But when the music hits me
I feel no pain
That's why I got to put you on again and again
I take the needle off the Technics
And put it in my vein
All my troubles get crushed
As the rush hits my brain
And away .. goes .. trouble.. down the drain

I see only what I wanna see
I'll be only who I wanna be
My blanket covers me

Music is my sanctuary
Music is my blanket
                                                                             - Imogen Heap, Blanket

- deux.

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